Meet Camren!

Camren is a 10 year old from the south side of Chicago. He enjoys sports, has an immense love for swimming, and enjoys spending as much time as he can with his big brother Tj, his mom, and most of all his granny.

You can purchase the first book in the series “Camren’s Lucky Day” or the new coloring book from the Inspire Tees & Accessories Store!

Camren the Series

Camren The Series is an educational, moral, and spiritual based series where Camren is learning through love.

Camren’s Lucky Day

Camren’s Lucky Day is dedicated to all vibrant, innocent, sometimes mischievous little boys and girl’s, who like to explore, love their friends and family, and is understanding life through patience, kindness, and curiosity. To purchase, click HERE.

View photos from the Official Book Launch Event below!